A healthy mouth starts with regular maintenance. Even with good oral hygiene, tartar (mineralized plaque) can build up over time. Professional teeth cleaning can help prevent tooth decay and gum issues. Removing bacteria build-up, even in hard to reach spots.

Our team of dental hygienists provides a comprehensive experience for all our patients. They’re an integral part of full oral health care and can give you the tools and advice needed to be your best smile. Each dental hygiene diagnosis is individual to each patient and specific to what you need.

They’re also experts at performing thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth. Plaque removal with a deep clean of your teeth will help keep your mouth as healthy as possible. There are several steps in regular cleaning and go as follows.

Dental Exam

Before anything else happens one of our dental hygienists will do a physical exam of your entire mouth to assess your unique situation. This usually involves using a small mirror to check every angle for possible signs of decay or inflamed gums.

Starting with an exam is important to detect any possible issues or major problems. A dentist may be called in for more serious issues to asses whether it’s safe to continue on with the cleaning.

Plaque Removal

Mineralized plaque, more commonly known as tartar builds up around the base of your teeth and your gum line. A small mirror and scaler (a scraping tool) are used to gently remove any buildup in the hard to reach spots and between your teeth. The dreaded scraping sound we’re all afraid of hearing is nothing to fear. Our hygienists are as gentle as possible.

If there’s more tartar in your mouth it will take more effort to remove the buildup. Professional scaling is the only way to remove the stubborn calcified bit of tartar in our mouths.


Now that your teeth are squeaky-clean the hygienist will use a high-powered electric brush with a gritty toothpaste. This removes any remaining plaque and will get rid of surface stains on your teeth. This buffing is a great way to whiten the appearance of your teeth and you can see the results in the mirror after the appointment.

Expert Flossing, Rinsing, and Fluoride Treatment

As one of the final steps, your hygienist will deftly floss all your teeth to make sure every square inch of your mouth is taken care of. They’ll also be happy to coach you on the best techniques to floss more effectively at home.

At the very end, we provide you with a final rinse and fluoride treatment that will help prevent cavities for several months.