The alternative to bridges and dentures that offer a permanent solution, feels comfortable and looks like a natural tooth. An artificial root made of titanium anchors the replacement tooth in place.

A dental implant is made by surgically inserting one or more small titanium posts beneath the gum into the jawbone. This is to replace the root of a natural tooth. In a few months, when the implants are fused to the surrounding bone, a custom made artificial tooth is attached to create a permanent solution.

The body needs time to heal around the titanium post. As a result, a dental implant takes more time to fully complete. The benefits are that the final results look, act, and feel like a normal tooth. Dental implants offer a permanent solution for any missing teeth.

The up-front costs tend to be higher than other solutions. Cosmetic tooth replacement might not be covered by your dental plan.

In most cases, implants are a one-time cost and never have to be replaced, unlike other solutions. You’ll need to take very good care of an implant to maintain its durability.